IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Due to an illness in the family, Chris ti Coom Flutes will be operating at less than full capacity. We appreciate your support and understanding, while we work through this situation. Thank you.

The sweet sound of the Native American style flute has mesmerized many of us. The haunting sound of Native American style flutes have magically creating smiles all over the world. The ancient indian flute is indeed experiencing a renaissance. Hello and thank you for showing an interest in Chris ti Coom Flutes.

Chris ti Coom Native American style flutes are made by Charles (Larry) Spieler, Sarah Spieler and Richard Hall. Chris ti Coom Flutes has been in existence for 18 plus years. We have made will over 5500 flutes. Quality of sound has always been our primary goal. Chris ti Coom flutes have become the standard of professional use. These flutes are made from the finest acoustical woods available; each flute is masterfully crafted and impeccably tuned. Please understand that I am not a Native American Indian. I am human being that enjoys making flutes.

Enjoy your journey through our site, and call us with your questions.

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