Charles (Larry) Spieler

Larry Spieler, founder and master flute maker of 'Chris Ti Coom' flutes, started making flutes in February of 1991. It was after work, in the garage, for family and friends. With a love for music, and an artist's desire to create, it wasn't long before a demand for his flutes was realized. So it was 'goodbye' to 20 years of corporate management, and 'hello' to a wonderful life of making flutes for those who wanted them, including many professional musicians. If you enjoy listening to the sounds of the "Native American flute", then there is a very good chance that you have heard the sweet sound of a 'Chris Ti Coom' flute.

Richard Hall

In February of 1996, 'Chris Ti Coom' flutes was fortunate and blessed to gain the help and support of Richard Hall, a fine woodworker with an eye for excellence. Richard, a musician, poet, and philosopher, was drawn to this journey of flute making through his experiences as player of the flute. His desire to make the flutes is driven by undeniable soothing and healing effects the flute sound has on people.

Sarah Spieler

Sarah started making flutes with her father in the 8th grade and made flutes when time allowed, and during summer vacations. For many years Sarah also made flute bags for her father. Following her graduation from undergraduate work, she once again found comfort in making flutes during the summer of 2005. She is an excellent flute maker, paying attention to detail and bringing a feminine energy to the flutes. Sarah is proceeding to her doctoral work but will always have a yearning to create flutes.

Bob Hall

In June of 1992, Bob Hall, a master at hand carving, joined in the journey. The beautiful totem tuning birds that are found on the flutes were designed by Bob. Bob passed on late in the year 2000. We feel he is still with us in spirit and is a constant reminder to keep our standards high, to enjoy ourselves, and take time to seek out and pluck a wild raspberry to eat. From armadillos to wart hogs, and humming birds to three-headed horses, or dragons for Kitaro, he could carve them all with a smile on his face. He will always be remembered and missed.

Supporting Cast

Kay and Jim Villars - Wood carvers

Catherine Lo - Wood carver

Monty Fenwick - Wood carver

Denisse Allaire - Seamstress

Melinda Hall - Seamstress

Matthew Smith and Sarah Spieler - Website Designers

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