A partial list of people owning ChrisTiCoom flutes

Kitaro (musician, grammy recipient): Web site

Don Markese (musician, arranger/orchestrater, producer): Web site

Bear Limvere (musician, Great Bear Productions): Email or Web site

Before the Rain (musical artists): Web site

Dennis Yerry (musician, music director): Email or Web site

Louis Eagle Warrior (musician): Email or Web site

Jani Lauzon (musician): Email or Web site

James Pellerite (musician and music publisher): Web site

Ron Roybal (musician): Email or Web site

Laurie Rugenstein (musician and music therapist): Email or Web site

Alain Lauzon (musician and music therapist): Email

Michael Lacapa (artist, author, illustrator, storyteller): Email

Jonathan Goldman (musician and chant master): Web site 

Ken Littlehawk (musician and actor): Web site

Steven Halpern (musician): Web site

David Arkenstone (musician): Web site

Dave Fein (musician): Email or Telephone: (505)-281-3583

Kailash (musician, music therapist and actor): Web site

Tim Wheater (musician): Web site

Autumn's Child / Mark Holland (musical group): Web site

R. Carlos Nakai (musician): Web site

Tiffany Snow (musician): Web site

Van Garrick (musician) Media Services (888) 291-9091

Pat Mendoza of Culture Blend (musician, storyteller & author): Web site

Isadora (musician)

Nawang Khechog (musician, Tibetan monk): Web site

John Thow (musician, Composer): Web site

Calvin Standing Bear (musician): Web site

Robert Gass (musician): Web site

Thomas Gronberg (musician): Web site

Julia Cameron (author, playwright, filmmaker, musician): Web site

Robert Mirabal (musician): Website

Micky Hart of "The Grateful Dead" (musician): Web site

Chris Starzyk (musician): Email

Jim Fadden of "The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" (musician): Website

Dr. Gerard Yun (conductor/musician): Web site

Ash Dargan (Australian musician): Web site

Dr. Richard Payne (A kind soul and keeper of the flutes, he is dearly missed)

Leon Joseph Littlebird (musician): Email or Web site

Diane Arkenstone (musician): Web site

Dr. Richard Hill (musician): Email

Ralph Rivera "Native America" (musician): Email

Fred Croce (musician): Email

Winthrop Brookhouse (musician): Email or Web site

TopWaya (musician): Web site

Mary Youngblood (musician, grammy recipient): Web site

Douglas Spotted Eagle (musician, grammy recipient): Web site

Vivien Hibbert (musician): Web site

Wind Machine (musical group): Web site

Phil Nudelman of "Foghat" (musician): Web site

Lazycats Records, Rob Wallace and Bobby Jimenez

Eric Herrera (musician): Web site

Diane Willis (musician, near death studies): Web site

Phil Risen (musician): Web site

Don Cambell (musician, author): Web site

Autumn Morning Star (musician, storyteller, herbalist, magician): Web site

Sue Hoadley (Therapeutic musician): Web site

David Andre (Artist, producer, chief engineer of Cyberian Studios): Web site

Randy Granger (musician): Web site

Jose Campos (musician from Spain):Web site

David Bouchard ( author, speaker, performer):Web site

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