The making of a Chris Ti Coom flute is an endeavor for excellence. The majority of the flutes made are fashioned after the Northern Plains Indian style five-hole, some referred to as “Lakota Style” flute. The unique process by which a Chris Ti Coom flute is made, results in a finely tuned, excellent sounding, and reliable instrument. Over the years, musicians have come to depend on these flutes for their stage performances and studio work. In essence these flutes are an evolution of the traditional Native American flute, making them suitable for today’s European musical art forms.

Only fine acoustical woods are used, these woods are also aesthetically beautiful.

The wood boring process. In the standard Chris Ti Coom flute both the resonating chamber and the air chamber are bored out of a single wood blank rather than split, routed and re-glued. The complete process results in smooth chamber walls which results in sound clarity and a finished appearance.

The nature of these flutes presents the problem of watering out,” this occurrence is undesirable. As an option, to resist watering out Chris Ti Coom flutes has devised a method of inserting a soft absorbent wood in the rear air chamber area to alleviate the problem. A large opening at the mouth piece provides for more depth of sound and allows one to ensure the drying of the chamber. As an option, one could elect to purchase a removable mouth piece adaptor to reduce the size of the mouth piece.

For those who play outside, Chris Ti Coom flutes have integrated wind guards to protect the air column as it moves across the aperture producing the sound. The wind guard also supports the tuning bird in its channel.

The finished flute is impeccably tuned to concert quality. The external finish involves two hand rubbings with orange oil and a final varnish spray. On flutes without the absorption air chamber there is spar varnish applied to the internal chamber. The tuning birds are tied on with elk, deer and when available bear and buffalo hides. The flute comes with a 100% natural cotton flute bag and starter booklet.

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