The process of making a “Chris Ti Coom” flute is always done in a spirit of respect and honor, with each piece of wood being honored in a sacred pipe ceremony acknowledging the transformation taking place. It is our sincere wish that all those who hear the sounds of the flute will be affected in a good way. We are well aware and respectful of the traditions and uses adherent to the Native American flute. We see our work, in regards to the flute, as part of the evolution and mystery of the instrument.

Crane Flute Series

We have become increasingly aware of the healing effects of music in general, and specifically the spiritual support and nurturing that can be part of playing Chris Ti Coom Flutes. Many of you are using the flutes in healing ceremonies and rituals, as well as very specific programs involving music therapy, working with autistic or asthmatic children, hospice work, etc. We feel very fortunate that this unintended and powerful aspect has become part of the flutes, and we have felt the need to honor this focus in some way.

To this purpose, we have developed the "Crane Flute"- a series of flutes dedicated to healing on whatever level the flute player intends. We use the crane symbol because of its association with health and longevity in many cultures. Its use was also inspired by the story of the 1000 Origami Cranes. The story involves, Sadako, a little Japanese girl, whose courage and strength are still remembered each year on Peace Day in Hiroshima.

Each of these flutes will have the crane symbol burned into the wood somewhere on the flute, and a number showing its sequence in the Crane Flute series. Our eventual goal is to have over one thousand Crane Flutes being played around the world.

The wood used for making all Chris Ti Coom Flutes is blessed in a pipe ceremony before being worked on. However, the Crane Flutes will have a special blessing after completion. The intention of this ceremony is to dedicate the flute to the specific healing aspirations of the owner, and to honor those who use their flute in service to others. The flute owner is invited to participate in this ceremony.

There will be no extra charge for Crane Flutes, and we offer this to those who already have a flute they would like to dedicate, as well as those who would like to purchase a flute for this purpose. If you are interested in the Crane Flute series please contact Richard Hall at (303) 665-6644.

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